Sun & Cobalt

Last week, I shared the awesomeness of Avenue A by Adidas and this week I’m back sharing the equal awesomeness of Sun & Cobalt!

Sun & Cobalt is a new athleisure brand that works exclusively with bloggers to release limited edition monthly collections.  The collections feature minimalist but sophisticated designs that marry the style of the featured blogger.  

Sun & Cobalt not only collaborates with bloggers, but also produces weekly fitness and lifestyle content to create a full entrée of goodness.

The “Made in CA” athleisure company believes in empowering girls from the inside out so when you purchase from Sun & Cobalt, a portion of profits goes to the featured cause of the month.  Nothing better than looking good and doing good!

The first collaboration features Stephanie Nguyen of, a San Francisco based style blogger and Editor at POPSUGAR.  Sunkissed Steph’s minimalist aesthetic of neutral colors, black and white with clean and chic silhouettes perfectly lines up with Sun & Cobalt’s vision so the collaboration was a natural fit.

The collection features muted and clean colors with a pop of pink to give the collection a feminine edge.  Each item can be easily paired with other items in the collection for ultimate versatility. 

The first collection is as described so you really can’t go wrong with any of the pieces, but my faves have to be the Vic Neoprene Moto Jacket, Ash Sports Bra and the Jac Leggings.  

The versatile neoprene jacket is available in black or surprisingly cute blush pink.  I’ve never been "girly" so pink is NOT a staple in my wardrobe, but this blush pink is the perfect tone and 100% manageable for non-girly girls like myself.

The Ash sports bra gives a slightly edgier feel with its cut out detail and the marble-esque Jac leggings are simply a winner. 

The Jac leggings are simple but super stylish and a prime example of athleisure at its best. 

You can pre-order the first collection until August 26th so only two more days to pre-order this goodness!

Sun & Cobalt looks for bloggers with the same aesthetic and goals as their own so quite - actually very interested to see who they collaborate with next! 

An athleisure brand that not only collaborates with bloggers but more importantly empowers girls and supports charities…what’s not to love?!!

Have you checked out Sun & Cobalt yet?  What's your fav pieces and who do you think they’ll collaborate with next?

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