#BudgetFIT Friday - Reckless Girls

We're back at again with another #BudgetFIT Friday!  This weeks deals are courtesy of Reckless Girls Activewear collection from the popular street wear brand Young & Reckless.

Reckless Girls activewear has been on my radar since attending their launch party last spring and tweeted a couple #BudgetFIT Alerts this week highlighting sale items. 

Reckless Girls Active is a fun youthful brand that’s affordable but has flown under the radar in the activewear space.  They definitely have some fun pieces so excited to see recent influencer events here in Los Angeles.

For the newbies, #BudgetFIT Friday highlights lesser known affordable lines as well as sales on higher end more expensive lines.   Trust me, I really, really love boutique (i.e.- expensive) gear but it adds up. #BudgetFIT shows ways to be stylish on a budget!

IG: RecklessGirls

IG: RecklessGirls

Reckless Girls Activewear has a good selection of sale items ranging from the Simple Blvd Stars Leggings, the super cute Pacer Streak Stars Sports Bra to the Sporty 3-Peat Windbreaker Jacket (pictured above). 

Was able to snag a sports bras at the launch party and they’re really comfortable!  Some of their sports bras have a higher neckline which was relatively new at the time, but has become increasingly more popular.  

Waiting on my abs to come through to wear the bra in public, but it wins in my home workout sessions :)

The Come Thru Static leggings with popular mesh panels are on sale for $22.50 with matching jacket for only $17.50 and the multipurpose Dash Long Scoop Tee is only $9.99!  Both the leggings and jacket can be worn separately as statement pieces and the tee is a nice gym to street transition piece. 

I’ve been a lowkey Reckless Girls activewear fan and love that it has the right mix of style without being too "stylish" but has its own street wear vibe. 

Anyone else feeling Reckless Girls Activewear?  Thinking of picking up the Shutter Balance Long Sleeve Tee.  The mesh side panels are kinda dope!

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