#BudgetFIT Friday - Danskin Now Cami Sports Bra

So you’re scrolling through “The Gram” and see the dopest leggings and you absolutely HAVE to have them!  Like it’s not an option.  Everything ceases to exist until you cop a pair of this goodness.  You click on the link and you see the price…$85??!!! For one pair of leggings?! 

You’re hoping it’s a BOGO deal – like a Payless Buy One Get One free offer. But you know this isn’t Payless and you’ve been here before.  Those leggings that you love or the sports bra that is just too cute cost a grip $$$.

You try to convince yourself that you can splurge, but the way your bank account is set up…Not gonna happen. 

Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe, just maybe when you get paid next week :)

As a freelancer and lover of all things expensive, I’ve become efficient in finding ways to enjoy the things I love on a budget.   Activewear is no different so I’m going to share my finds with the newest feature - #BudgetFIT Fridays! 

If you’re on a budget or simply love finding a good deal then I got you! I come across great deals all the time which I normally post on Twitter (@FITOutfit ) as a #BudgetFIT Alert, but will be sharing more finds here on the blog. 

The first #BudgetFIT Friday look comes from non other than Walmart…who knew?!!  I’m not a big Walmart shopper but while back home visiting the family I stumbled across this Danskin Cami Sports Bras for $5! Yep you read that right $5. 

Couldn’t believe it so I found a price scanner to double check.  The normal price is $7.84 and they were on sale for $5!  At $5 each, I grabbed every color in my size to give them a try. When was the last time you bought three sports bras for $15?!  

Can confidently say the Danskin Now Cami Sports Bra did NOT disappoint!  They’re great for yoga, pilates or low impact workouts.  If you’re on the smaller side this may work for high impact workouts as well. 

Dankin now offers dri more, a moisture wicking feature and The mesh panel detail on the back gives it a little extra flavor. with adjustable straps and removable pads, this bra is a winner!

You can find the Danskin Now bra at your local Walmart or online (here) where they are still on sale for $5!  Don’t be afraid to give them a try.  If you don’t like it,  it’s less than $10 so you won’t feel like you wasted a lot of money. 

Have you tried the Danskin Now cami sports bras before?  Am I the only one who didn’t know about these bras?

If you've tried them, share your review in the comments below!

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