Propel Co:Labs Made to Move

EVENT DATE:  Friday, April 29, 2016 at Propel Co: Labs in Venice Beach

COOL BRANDS/PEOPLE:  Propel Water, NW Method Creator Nicole Winhoffer, Bandier


Pre-Sweatsesh:  Walked in to a super cool space in Venice Beach that featured three levels of fun including an amazing 3D photo booth, a smoothie bar, custom lettering on Propel Co:Labs gym bags and an unreal view to the pool from the rooftop deck - So dope right!!!

Sweatsesh:  NW Method creator Nicole Winhoffer lead a packed class through a tough, but super fun workout that featured cardio and strength training during the first part of class and choreographed dance for the second half of class.  I'm usually not a fan of dance classes because they tend to make you feel out of place if you don't have a dance background, but Nicole's sense of humor and reassurance make it easy to let loose and have fun.  After throwing in an ab session late in the class, we ended with a good old fashioned dance off!  The boys did their thing and Nicole called out four girls at a time to perform the dance routine. Literally walked away thinking if I lived in NYC, I'd definitely be a regular at her class!

Post-Sweatsesh:  Headed to the rooftop bar for a tasty Propel Water smoothie and then back to the second floor to partake in post workout shenanigans at the 3D photo booth.  Way too much fun after a 75-minute workout!  Gathered my custom gym bag, Propel Water towel and water bottle and at that moment my body gave in and I hobbled to my car!

Check out Propel Water at @propelwater & Nicole Winhoffer @nicolewinhoffer for more event recap photos!

Did you make it to the Propel Co:Labs event?  If so, what was your favorite part?

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