Top Ten #BudgetFIT Holiday List & Giveway

#BudgetFIT was introduced late summer as a way to highlight stylish and affordable activewear.  I've had so much fun finding #BudgetFIT options and with the holiday season fast approaching, a #BudgetFIT Holiday List is right on time!

I've gathered ten great gifts ideas for fitness loving family and friends or items to add to your own wish list :)

As a thank you to everyone who's been on this journey with me, I'm giving away a few items from this list!  

The #BudgetFIT Holiday GIVEAWAY is worth almost $400 so be sure to click link below to sign up...The more you share, the greater your chances of winning!

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Kali Active STAR_POWER_GREY_grande.jpg

Kali Active Star Power Boxing/Kickboxing Hand Wraps - $22

Boxing is all the rage in the fitness industry. What used to be a gritty, underground sport has now become the hottest workout. Everyone is boxing from moms to super models, but the boxing industry has been slow to adjust to its female consumer until LA based brand Kali Active appeared on the scene and everyone is taking notice! Designed for the fashion conscious woman who wants to look good while kicking ass, the Kali Active Star Power Boxing/Kickboxing Hand Wraps stand out in the crowd. Though made with the bad ass babe in mind, the hand wraps are also just as popular with men so ladies, these could be great gifts for the man in your life (hint, hint...)

In addition to the popular black on gold color combo, the newest fall additions include grey on black (pictured above) and yellow on black color combinations. The hand wraps are made of premium semi cotton material so they're not only stylish, but durable. Coming in at only $22 you can go ahead and scoop up a few!

Discount Alert:  Kali active is offering 15%! use code fitkali15 to get 15% off your order. valid through December 8, 2016.

RPM Fitness Jump Rope Speed Rope 3.0 - $52.95

We all know the importance of incorporating cardio into your workout routine and running is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of cardio. But what if running isn't your thing? It's too hard on your joints or simply don't like it? A highly effective yet underrated form of cardio is good ole' fashioned jump roping. It's emerged back onto the scene with the popularity of Cross Fit, but this ain't your mamas version of jump rope! Jump ropes have become a little fancy and RPM Fitness has found a way to make them highly effective and stylish! Who knew jump ropes could be cute?!  RPM Fitness offers a bare cable rope for those who work out on rubber gym floors or coated cable for those who jump on concrete, dirt or sand. If you're really fancy, you can even get your own personalized jump rope!

Discount Alert: RPM Fitness is offering an additional $5 off your purchase! Use the code FITOutfit5 to receive $5 off any regular priced item. Excludes limited or special edition ropes.

Jason Markk Essentials Kit - $16 & Quick Wipes - $20

Whether you're a sneaker head or just a little OCD, clean sneakers are always in style! I'm far from a sneaker head, but it truly pains me to see people rocking dirty sneakers...Like why?? Simple soap and water will do the trick, but if you want to step up your game and make sure your sneakers are on point then look no further than the Jason Markk Essential Kit. The Jason Markk Essential Kit comes with their Premium Shoe Cleaner that is a foaming solution that gently cleans and conditions along with the Standard Brush. If you keep your sneaks on point and just need a quick touch up, the Jason Markk Quick Wipes are great option. The individually wrapped wipes are durable and dual textured and a must have for your gym bag.  Both coming in at $20 or less, there's absolutely no excuse for dirty kicks!  

Arete' Complete Monochrome Digmon Hand Towel - $24

If you workout on a consistent basis you probably have a fair share of workout towels. You know the branded towels given away everywhere or the ones you stole from your gym.  Workout towels used to be your regular run of the mill terry cloth towel that left lint all over your face. Luckily someone got tired of post workout lint face and decided to try microfiber towels and the fancy workout towel craze was born! With so many options now available it's hard to stand out, but Arete' Complete has managed to do just that. Each design is created as an original painting before infused into their microfiber material. Arete' Complete believes in fitness meeting at the intersection of art and function.  The pictures don't do the towels justice so be sure to add this to your collection!

Herban Essential Yoga Towelettes - $16

I love a good boutique fitness studio. Yoga, pilates, barre, you name it. They're everywhere. Gym life is not for everyone so the boutique fitness class takeover is a win. The downside to boutique spaces is there's sometimes a lack of showering facilities. So imagine you just took your favorite vinyasa yoga class but you still have to stop at Target and Trader Joes before heading home. So what's a girl (or guy) to do? Go home first, shower and then head back to the store? You could just do a quick “wipe off” after your workout, but you never want to be the stinky girl in the store. That's NEVER ok. Herban Essentials Yoga Towelettes to the rescue! These lavender oil infused wipes are everything! Lavender oil is known for it's calming properties, but is also a great antibacterial which is key in preventing odor. They come in handy individual packets you can just toss in your gym bag and go! A package comes with 20 towelettes for only $16 so Herban Essentials Towelettes are another definite must have.

Valleau Apparel Sunset in Sea Foam Sports Bra - $42

A sports bra is not typically an item to swoon over. It's a functional item and though cool patterns or colors have become popular, there's not much variation to it. High neck sports bra are the newest trend, but Valleau Apparel specializes in making simple changes to bras straps that make a world of difference. The Sunset in Sea Foam Sports Bra with crossed double shoulder straps are a twist on the normal bra strap and can be styled in different ways to create a whole new look! At $42 this sports bra is another must to add your collection.

Discount Alert: Valleau Apparel is offering 15% off any item! Use the coupon code FitOutfit when checking out. Valid until December 31, 2016. 

Pointe Studio socks.jpg

Pointe Studio Kirby Grip Sock - $12

So you're headed to pilates with your new Valleau Apparel Sports bra and your Herban Essentials Yoga Towelettes so now you need grip socks.  No worries - I got you!  The Pointe Studio Kirby Grip Socks are just what you need to kill it in class.  Made with "soft combed cotton and sturdy PVC grip" the Kirby socks are a definite winner.  With cold weather just around the corner they can also double for warm cozy winter socks!

Milestone Pod Odometer & Gait Tracker - $24.95

So you've scooped up the RPM Fitness jump rope, but still like to go on a run every once in a while.  The Milestone Pod Odometer and Gait Tracker is all you really need. The Milestone Pod clips right onto your shoe laces and not only tracks mileage, but gives unique foot based data.  It also comes with GPS back-up with no charging needed and can be synced to the Milestone Pod app.  Most importantly, it's on $25!!  Stocking stuffer anyone?!

Reebok Dance Strappy Bra - $50

If you like the Valleau Apparel Sunset bra then you'll love the Reebok Dance Strappy Bra.  It's all kinds of fancy!  It's a light support bra that is almost too cute to work out in.  A dual function sports bra that works at the gym and makes a bold statement outside the gym as well.  If you're looking to stand out in a crowd the Reebok Dance Strappy Bra is a winner!

Discount Alert:  Reebok is offering $10 off your purchase of $50 or more! Use code:  RMR1-2SX5-DN6R-CB59-7TXVT  - Expires December 31, 2016

Sol & Selene Flying High Bag - $110

So now you have a bunch of new goodies.  Hand wraps, jump rope, yoga towels and fancy sports bras so now you need a new bag to carry all your stuff!  This Sol & Selene Flying High Bag is not quite #BudgetFIT, but it's so nice I had to share. This nylon weekender bag comes with large interior compartments, removable straps and removable laundry bag.  You've deserve to treat yourself and who doesn't love a good bag?!  

Discount Alert:  Use the code FITOUTFIT15%OFF for 15% off any item!

Last but not least, the #BudgetFIT Holiday List GIVEAWAY!!

The #Budget Holiday List GIVEAWAY includes the Kali Active Handwraps,  RPM Fitness Jump Rope, Jason Markk Essential Kit & Quick Wipes, Herban Essentials Yoga Towelettes, Three (3) pairs of Pointe Studio Grip Socks, Reebok Dance Strappy Bra and the Sol & Solene Flying High Bag!

Giveaway ends Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST so sign up at link below!

the #BudgetFIT Holiday list Giveaway!