Lorna Jane Active Nation Day

Event Date & Location:  

September 27, 2015 at Santa Monica Place 

The Cool People:  

Popular YouTube Trainer Zuzka Light & Aree Khodali of AreesArmy.  Hosted by Cover Model and Coach Lori Harder

Hashtag:  #ActiveNationDay

Event Flow: 

Pre Sweatsesh:  Tons of selfie and group photo opportunities at the Move Nourish Believe letter wall where attendees could also fill out their Active Nation Day promise card.  Enjoy delicious juice from Pressed Juicery, Zico Coconut Water or Kevita Drinks while getting your hair braided at the Dry Bar or have your makeup professionally done by Blushington.  [Side note - Pressed Juicery's Roots 3 is bomb and will be consumed on a consistent basis from now on.]  Reserving a yoga mat became increasingly important as more attendees arrived and yoga mats became scarce.  There was also a nice lounge area set up to check out Lorna Jane's newest pieces and books.  

Sweatsesh:  Host Lori Harder introduced Zuzka Light who led attendees through a brutal 24-minute HIIT workout followed by a strong yoga session led by Aree Khodali of AreesArmy.  

Post Sweatsesh:  All attendees who posted a photo on social media using the hashtag #ActiveNationDay picked up their free Active Living bracelet and used their 20% off coupon in-store.  Sweetgreen sampled their Spicy Sabzi salad with a delicious kick of sirracha sauce and the equally tasty Kale Caesar salad.  Oh, and more opportunities to step up your selfie game back at the MoveNourishBelieve letter wall.

Did you attend an #ActiveNationDay event in your city?  How was it?  Share the details in the comments below.

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