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Allow me to introduce this southern powerhouse who goes by the name of Alisha Byrd.  She's a creative business coach and the awesomeness behind  Her "WEEKLY LITTLE NOTES" newsletter is like a little treat delivered right to your inbox!

If you don't know about her course LEAP & LAUNCH which teaches budding entrepreneurs how to successfully launch their business without stress or confusion, then I've just blessed you with all sorts of goodness…You can thank me later!

She's sharing her BEHIND THE BRAND story of how she transitioned from a successful jewelry business to an in demand creative business coach.  

Alisha Byrd - Creative Business Coach at

Alisha Byrd - Creative Business Coach at

Name & title:  Alisha Byrd

Creative Business Coach at

What inspired you to start your online shop Early August and later become a creative coach? 

I started my online shop honestly because I couldn't find any jewelry online that fit my style and my budget so I decided to try and make my own.  I literally fell in love with the entire process and after a few people asked me to make custom pieces for them, I decided to open an online store. I had no clue what started out as a hobby would turn into my full-time career!

After running my online shop for a couple of years, I began sharing pieces of my journey on my personal blog.  The more I shared, the more I was asked for advice on running an online business and started to see a shift in what I felt like I was being called to do.  Creating jewelry was something that I was extremely passionate about, but helping people bring their dreams to life lit a fire in me that I had never felt before!  So I began sharing more and more business and blogging tips and eventually began offering one-on-one business coaching services.

Eventually, I decided it was best for me to close down my online shop to fully focus on growing my personal brand. I know everyone always says that "Things Happen For A Reason" but I truly feel like I was supposed to struggle and succeed at my own business just so I could show other people how to start theirs.

What's a typical day in the life at

Everyday is different for me and it's probably one of the many reasons why I love being an entrepreneur! Typically I wake up around 8am and start my morning off with prayer and my morning devotional. 

9:30am - Start on my to-do list beginning with my biggest task (I like to knock those out while my mind is still fresh)

12pm - Break for lunch, catch up on emails or binge watch my favorite show

1:30pm - Either prepping for client calls or back to working on my to-do list

6pm - Start working on my blog post for the next day and eat dinner

11:30pm - TRY to call it a night (I'm really horrible with cutting off work a certain time)

What's been your biggest success thus far?

My biggest success would have to be the first time I made more money than I made working my full-time job!  I fully believed in myself when I quit my 9-5, but actually seeing it happen was an incredible feeling!

     Conversely, biggest failure?

My biggest failure would have to be not properly branding either one of my businesses the right way at first.  I got so caught up in wanting to grow and  make money that I didn't take any time to think about my WHY.

Top three things you wish you knew when you first started

1. Branding is so much more than a pretty website

2. You don't have to do what is working for everyone else in order to be successful

3. The whole "If you build it, they will come" theory is a bunch of BS!  You have to work your butt off if you want someone to trust you enough to buy from you.

Top three tools/apps/technology you can't live without

1. Google Drive

2. Day Designer by Whitney English

3. Adobe Creative Cloud

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

If you really want to make good money and succeed then build a business around something you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life and not just what's cool at the moment.  

If you genuinely love what you do, put your all into it and work your butt off, the money will come!  But also don't think you can have faith without hard work!

Who's your professional crush & why?

Sophia Amoruso!  I just love everything about how she built the Nasty Gal brand and how she has taken a no BS approach to running an extremely successfully business!

I've been following you since early Spring and 2015 has been a big year for you, so what's next for T.A.N. - The Alisha Nicole? 

My ultimate goal would have to be traveling around the country and holding "Leap & Launch" workshops for other creative business owners who want to start or grow their business and build connections with other creatives!  

Until then, I want T.A.N. to be seen as the go-to brand for all things business and blogging!

Extra Credit:  What's your source of motivation?

My faith!  I've learned so much over the past few years that you have to have faith if you want to succeed.  I wish I could sit here and say that everything I've accomplished I did myself but I know I for a fact I wouldn't be where I am today without God guiding me.

Check out Alisha's website and learn more about her LEAP & LAUNCH course at and be sure to follow her @TheAlishaNicole on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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