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Meet Noa Ries - CEO & Founder of Vie Active

Whether you're an entrepreneur or creative person, you want people to like you work. It's a natural desire to seek some form of validation.  It's probably not the driving force, but to know someone is a fan of your work feels good. I'm really NOT into receiving compliments or seeking validation, but even I like to hear someone is a fan of my work!   

As a brand, fans are the driving force behind your success.  Some brands have raving fans that can't say enough good things about them and Vie Active is definitely one of those brands.  I've never met anyone who's tried Vie Active and doesn't absolutely LOVE it! So naturally, I had to find out who was the mastermind behind this brand. Took a while, but I was finally able to meet Noa and once I met her, I knew I had to share her story.

Noa is sharing her BEHIND the BRAND story of how she manages work, family and remains active and healthy!

Name & Role 

Noa Ries

Founder and CEO of Vie Active

What is Vie Active? 

Vie Active creates performance driven, fashion forward activewear built to stand up to the demands of a modern woman's life, the rigors of her daily workouts and everything in between. 

What's a day in the life like at Vie Active?

Hectic, fun, challenging and exciting! 

We are constantly tethering between seasons (current, upcoming and future), brainstorming and problem solving and having lots of fun all at the same time. I don't believe it serves anyone to take yourself too seriously and so while I'm an advocate of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone (in work and workouts) daily, and I work my butt off, I think it's also really important to laugh and have fun. Often that's my team laughing AT me. 

In addition to being boss lady at Vie Active, you're also a wife and mother to small children, how do you balance it all and find time for yourself?

I make time for myself. I prioritize exercise and eating well. I'm a mess without that and my husband, kids and team know it. Exercise is like therapy for me and so if that means getting up at 5:30am to workout then so be it. I don't believe in deprivation though when it comes to food, I just follow the 80/20 rule and it seems to work just fine for me. I don't stress then about the wine, french fries or chocolate chip cookies that I love as I know they're not the staple of my diet. 

What's been your biggest success thus far?

Having a team that loves coming to work. 

     Conversely, biggest failure?

Hiring the wrong people. 

Top three things you wish you knew when you first started

1.) This is all encompassing. It become every part of your being and life.

2.) Trust your gut. 

3.) There's no such thing as work life balance . Recognize that you need to flow fluidly from one thing to the next and don't put the pressure on yourself to be perfectly balanced.

Top three tools/apps/tech you can't live without

My iPhone. As a mum, entrepreneur always on the go, I find some days I'm running the business on my phone. I'm typing these answers at 9:30pm from my phone. 

The Skimm. My quick news fix to make sure I'm up to speed with the major headlines first thing in the morning. 

Kayla Itsines sweat app. It's my go to when I'm at the gym wanting to do my own workout without having to think too much about it . 

Since launching Vie Active, what's been the biggest surprise or something you didn't expect?

How much people would love our brand and our products. It makes my heart sing when I see someone wearing our clothes!

Who's your professional crush & why?

Jessica Alba. Mother of two daughters, entrepreneur and badass. 

What's the best advice you've been given?

Saying no is sometimes just as important as saying yes. 

Over the years, Vie Active has become very popular with raving fans, so what can we expect for the rest of 2016? 

The launch of our fall collection is imminently coming - just days away! Our holiday collection launches in November and is one of my faves to date! 

Extra Credit:  How do you stay motivated?

I've made a commitment to my team and our customers to always make the best in performance driven fashion forward activewear and that commitment drives me forward every day! 

Love Noa's perspective on work - life balance...Such a refreshing take.

How do you balance work, family and "me" time?  Share in the comments below!