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Meet Megan Minns - Owner of & Online Business Manager of

If you've been following the BEHIND the BRAND interview series you're aware that FITOutfit began two and a half years ago as a fun Instagram page.  As the page began to grow, friends and followers encouraged me to create a website, but had no clue where to start.  So  I spent months researching the best way to create not only a website, but to create a business.  

During my research, I came across entrepreneur whiz and course creator Mariah Coz and purchased her Your First 1K email course.  While taking...more like struggling through the course, I met Megan Minns who was a rockstar student killing it and super helpful to other students.  She soon became the forum moderator so I wasn't surprised to learn that Mariah hired Megan to help her with her business.  

Along the way Megan has grown her own business - and created tons of valuable resources for entrepreneurs such Squarespace in One Weekend which is the course I used to create this website!  Megan has not only become an indispensable asset to Mariah's business but also a go to for creatives looking for tech training, tips and tricks for running an efficient and profitable business.

Megan is sharing her BEHIND the BRAND story of how being a rockstar student turned into an amazing opportunity to create something special.  

Name & Title

Megan Minns

Owner of & Online Business Manager of 


What's the inspiration behind and what's the mission of your website? 

My entrepreneurial journey officially started in 2014 when I started taking my first design clients. But it really started 15 years before then, when I designed my first website. I started from scratch. I knew nothing. But thanks to a simple website that taught me HTML, I started to learn how to build my own websites. It was a hobby that I played with throughout middle school and high school. In college, blogging became popular and I started an organizing blog in 2011. I loved customizing my blog. I spent countless hours designing and coding my blog... so much that I think I only published a handful of blog posts. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to actually writing helpful content. But I was sucked in by the tech side of it. By 2014, it became clear that people could actually build a business from their blog. I realized custom blog design was a thing and that I could do that too! I wasn't loving full-time work. I had a great job in Human Resources but felt frustrated by the lack of control. I didn't like getting in trouble for being 5 minutes late. The internal politics drove my mad. And exhausting myself at my full-time job, meant following my passion was harder and harder. So in 2014, I officially started offering custom branding and design services. I got clients quickly and loved every minute of it. 

By the time spring 2015 rolled around, however, I was burned out. The pressure to please on such a subjective topic (design!) was exhausting. I realized that my business wasn't doing what I had wanted. I wasn't fulfilled or excited anymore. I realized after talking to a mentor of mine, that I had skills I wasn't leveraging. I love doing project management and organizing and supporting business owners. So I started offering Design and Virtual Assistant services. I made a few posts on Facebook and suddenly I was booked out. 

About this time, I cleared all of my irrelevant blog posts and started fresh with The sole purpose was to help business owners get organized. How could I help them like a VA would without having everyone hire me? I started blogging about Squarespace, time management, and other systems. The mission of is to help empower business owners. To help them build their business on a foundation that can scale. The motto is "beginner friendly, empire equipped." 

When I decided to grow my business and came across Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur and instantly became a fan girl. She was real. She was honest. She was relatable. And she was smart as hell. I signed up for her course, Your First 1k, built a relationship with her, and eventually she hired me to help her leverage her time and grow Femtrepreneur. In late 2015, I left my full-time job to work with Femtreprenur and have loved every minute! You could say that buying Your First 1K was the best thing that ever happened to me. Ha! 

What's a typical day in the life at

What I work on during the day can change but I have a fairly consistent morning and evening routine! On a typical morning, I wake up around 6:00am, workout, get ready for the day, meditate, journal, and then review my plan for the day. During the day, I spend most of my time working with the Femtrepreneur team. We'll have a team meeting and then I'll spend the day working on a variety of tasks. I might be recording new tech trainings, writing a new blog post, making a launch plan, or doing a variety of other systems-related tasks! I take frequent breaks during the day - either to run errands, walk the dogs, read a book, or go lay out by the pool. I usually stop working around 5:30pm, tidy up the house, and enjoy my evenings drinking red wine and relaxing with my fiance and our two maltipoos. 

Last year you left your full-time job to work with entrepreneur wiz Mariah Coz as the Online Business Manager.  Explain your role with Mariah and how it plays in the overall picture of Mariah's business?

Leaving my full-time job in Human Resources to work with Mariah was a dream come true! I had been working with Mariah since early Summer 2015 and had loved working with Mariah. We really clicked, became friends, and our skills compliment each other perfectly. I slowly got rid of all of my other clients and spent all of my evening hours and weekends working on Femtrepreneur. We finally decided to take things to the next level and I left my full-time job to work with Femtrepreneur at a higher volume - and we've never looked back! We now have a team of 4 and I play the role of Online Business Manager and Project Manager. I keep our team organized, manage our projects and launches, manage any contractors, and do most of the tech-related tasks that go into running courses and an online business. 

What role does this position play with your business -

Until recently, and were kept almost entirely separately. Over time it has become increasingly clear that the Femtrepreneur audience is eager for as much technical assistance as they can get. For some business owners, the tech side of running a business or launching a course is the most overwhelming and scary part. So we've gradually started to cross our efforts and try to help the aspiring course creator feel more comfortable with technology. All of Mariah's courses now feature technical trainings that I've created and we recently co-launched a product together called Website in a Box, a website template for course creators on Squarespace. I'm looking forward to see where our joint efforts take both and in the future!

"The mission of is to help empower business owners. To help them build their business on a foundation that can scale. The motto is "beginner friendly, empire equipped." 

What's your biggest success(es) thus far?

I am most proud of Website in a Box. It has been a huge success and we have gotten some incredible feedback from our students! Being able to help people launch websites that work quickly and affordably is something I am so proud of! 

     Conversely, biggest failure(s)?

Oooh this is a story I don't often talk about! I actually launched a line of stationery and paper goods back in Winter 2014. I was so proud of this. I put a lot of money and time into building an Etsy shop. After I spent all of this money on inventory and telling all of my family and friends about my new venture, it ultimately failed. I realized I hated the process of custom orders and having inventory felt too difficult and costly. As I was realizing this, I had a fellow Etsy owner send me a cease and desist saying that one of my notepads was a copy of her own product. I was absolutely devastated. It really hurt me to be falsely accused and it was my first really hard moment as a business owner. It ruined me for a few months. I decided to close down my Etsy shop and didn't do one minute of work for a few months while I tried to figure it all out again. What would I do next? Little could I know how pivoting my business and becoming a Virtual Assistant would change everything for me!

Top three things you wish you knew when you first started

1. Thinking and planning won't get you anywhere. Get to work! 

2. Be confident in who you. You are smart, you are talented, and you have something to give to the world! 

3. Don't open the Etsy shop! Ha! 

Top three tools/apps/tech you can't live without

1. Asana

2. LastPass

3. Gmail 

What's the best business advice you've received?

Niche down! The narrower you go, the more opportunity for impact you'll have! 

Who's your professional crush and why?

Can I say Mariah Coz? Ha! She is the most inspiring person I've ever met and she works so hard. Its amazing how much of herself she gives! Besides Mariah I would have to say Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Last year you created amazing resources for entrepreneurs such as Squarespace in One Weekend that have had a huge impact for creatives (such as myself!), so what can we expect for the rest of 2016? 

I love this question! Website in a Box is my latest creation and I am so proud of it! Website in a Box has all of my biggest Squarespace tips and tricks and is a step by step guide into creating a professional looking website quickly! Next on the horizon is a Femtrepreneur podcast, so stay tuned! :) 

Extra credit:  What's your source of motivation?

Myself. I feel very internally motivated to work hard and build a life that I want and a business that I'm proud of! 

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I'll admit that I'm a total Megan Minns fangirl!  From Your First 1K until now and can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Who are you fangirling (think I just made that up) over?  Share in the comments below!