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Meet Lisa Hannam - Health Editor & Journalist for Glow Magazine

When I began this journey with FITOutfit, I didn't know what to expect.  Would people like the photos?  Would they follow me?  Or would they think the #FITOutfit of the day was a dumb idea?  Luckily, FITOutfit has done well and has loyal followers whom I've developed a rapport with.  While interacting online, I've learned a little about who they are and what they do and realize I follow a dope group of women.  They are killing it!  Whether it's blogging or a more traditional career such as Lisa's at Glow Magazine, these women are amazing and I love sharing their stories.  

Lisa is another gem I connected with on Instagram who started as a researcher for a men's health journal and now covers beauty and health at Glow Magazine.  Lisa is sharing her BEHIND the BRAND story of what it's like to work for Canada's premiere beauty outlet and how she manages it all!

Name & Role

Lisa Hannam

Health Editor & Journalist

As Health Editor, what are your job responsibilities? 

As a Health Editor I over see the “body” articles in Glow Magazine, on, as well as on our social media arms, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.  Because Glow is a beauty magazine, my mandate is “beauty from the inside out” for our health content.  As you might guess, that includes fitness, nutrition (food and supplements), physical and mental wellness, gym beauty and so much more.  It’s a really fun job.

What's a day in the life like as Health Editor for Glow Magazine?

There is no typical day, as much of what I do changes like trends do.  I could be working out with Nike master trainer Eva Redpath,, running at a Shoppers Drug Mart Run for WOMEN event,, previewing athleticwear collections, like New Balance, Lolë and more, indulging in the latest healthy food launches, testing new products (from running shoes to supplements to green cleaners), and more.  That’s the glam stuff people mostly want to hear about. I also do a lot of writing, editing and proofing of stories, and tons of meetings.  While there are days when I’m at my desk for maybe an hour, there are weeks when I’m only at my desk reading medical journals, interviewing doctors or analyzing ingredient labels.  But it’s very well rounded, from fun to challenging.

How does your role play into the overall picture at Glow Magazine

As I said earlier, as a beauty magazine, health is an important element of overall beauty.  I don’t think anyone would argue against that.  And while caring about your physical appearance involves beautiful skin, of-the-moment cosmetic trends and healthy hair, the body is a huge part of that.  And that’s why I cover the content I do.  We really do offer our readers the whole beauty package.

What's been your biggest successes thus far?

At Glow I’ve been able to interview and cover some of the most amazing women (celebrities and inspirational the like) and experts (who wouldn’t want the opportunity to chat with the doctor who is researching the latest with HPV?).  So it’s hard to say who is my biggest interview coup. And I know it sounds cheesy, but I really look to my recent stories as successes.  You have to be in the moment and appreciate the now and keep moving forward.  However, that said, it was a huge honour to be awarded by the Canadian Dermatology Association for writing a very thorough sunscreen and skin health story. 

    Conversely, biggest failure?

You know, it’s just not me to think about anything in life as a failure.  I don’t use the word fail often, except for small things like burning dinner or typing the wrong email address.  I mean, I’ve made mistakes of course, but I don’t harp on things.  

Top three tools you can't live without

My phone, my laptop and Guerlain KissKiss Lip Primer. Everyone would say their phone.  I need my laptop to write.  And I never work out without wearing that lip primer.  It’s better than any lip balm I’ve tried.

Top three things you wish you knew before you began your career

Who Wore It Best?! Lisa Hannam or Kevin Hart

Who Wore It Best?! Lisa Hannam or Kevin Hart

Blogging is a real career.  When it first started trending, it seemed like just the most enthusiastic bloggers got traction from readers and brands.  But these women are savvy businesswomen with great negotiating skills.  I wish I could go back in time and take advantage of the trend just before it blew up. It would’ve been nice to have my own content empire right now. ;)

Your first job will dictate your career.  My entry-level job out of journalism school was as a researcher for a men’s health magazine. It’s pretty much dictated my career.

One thing I’ve learned from working in a small industry is that everyone is connected.  I’ve come to meet and work with some amazing editors, and sometimes some not-so-nice people. Being professional, kind and thoughtful are all sought-after works skills.

Who's your mentor or career crush and why?

I’m so non-committal with my career crushes.  Generally when I interview someone about their own approach to life and work, I steal a few things and apply it to myself. Things like scheduling workouts, getting up early to write, not getting caught up in mind clutter, etc., are great tips I’ve learned from my “mentors.”  Every woman has a story to tell and insight to offer.

"It’s just not me to think about anything in life as a failure.  I don’t use the word fail often...I’ve made mistakes of course, but I don’t harp on things."

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone looking to break into the industry with a publication?

Write as much as possible, and love it.  You can be really passionate and knowledgable about health and fitness, but if you can’t communicate what you learn effectively through words, you won’t do well in publishing.

Glow Magazine is Canada's Beauty Expert, so what can we expect to see for the rest of 2016? 

We are still continuing with the print publication (current issue here:, but the team is very excited about the recent relaunch of  This is where we tell our personal stories about beauty and health.

Extra credit:  What's your motivation for being healthy?

I want to live a long and prosperous life, and I want to look good as I can doing that. 

You can find Lisa at Glow Magazine at, on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn at @lisahannam and on Tumblr at

So Lisa pretty much has my dream job!  Of course, I shared this with her and am hoping she doesn't think I'm a too much of a weirdo!  All kidding aside, Lisa's BEHIND the BRAND story is hopefully motivation for anyone looking to find a niche in their career or change career paths.  

What's your dream job?  Share in the comments below!