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Meet Diana Karen Mireles - Blogger behind dianakmir.com and super popular Instagram page @dianakmir

Rewind to summer 2015  - While attending the Reckless Girls' activewear launch event, I not only met former BEHIND the BRAND feature Michelle Carigma, but met Diana too!  At the time I was just beginning to attend industry events so still figuring out who's who and connecting the IG name to a face.  As previously mentioned, I can be a bit socially awkward so I'm sure Diana thought I was a complete weirdo, but she graciously chatted with me for hours when I'm sure she wanted to run away.  

If you follow Diana on IG, you've seen her transform herself through running so I was beyond excited when she launched her blog last year to continue to share her fitness journey.  

Because Diana is genuinely a nice person, it's really cool to see her continued success with brands such as Nike and recently Adidas. I've truly enjoyed watching from a far and thought it was about time for her to share her story.  

Diana is sharing her BEHIND the BRAND story of how the desire to share her fitness journey beyond Instagram turned into amazing opportunities and she's just getting started!

Name & Role

Diana Karen Mireles

Blogger behind dianakmir.com

What is dianakmir.com and what inspired you to start your blog?

dianakmir.com is a place where I'm able to share more about my fitness journey, passion for shoes and lifestyle, than I'm able to on any other social media channel. Having a minor in Journalism, I'd been wanting to start a blog where I would be able to practice my writing skills, but I just didn't know exactly what to blog about. I started about 5 blogs prior to dianakmir.com but always ended up closing them down because I just didn't know exactly where I wanted to take it. Once I shared my fitness journey on my instagram, I got a lot of positive feedback so I decided to start a blog where I can share my story and perhaps help others start their own journey. 

You happen to have a pretty cool job with Reckless Girls, so how do you manage both your blog and full-time job?

Yes, I actually love my job with Reckless Girls and have been with Young & Reckless for over three years. Started as an intern while I was still in school full-time and working part-time at Best Buy. There were days where I would do all three (school, internship, job) in one day. I was lucky enough to land a position with the company before graduating and the week of my graduation, I got hired full-time. I basically have seen the birth/growth of Reckless Girls since the beginning and it makes me really proud to see how far Reckless Girls has come since then. It's really easy to manage both because I work Monday - Friday so I have time on the weekends to write blog posts. 

Since launching dianakmir.com what's been the biggest surprise or something you didn't expect?

The biggest surprise would probably be the love and support I have received from everyone, even people I don't know from all over the world.

What's been your biggest successes thus far?

My biggest success thus far has been inspiring people to get up and move. I think the fact that I am able to help others simply by being on a journey of my own is a really awesome thing. It makes me happy to know that I am making a difference. Also, I've so far had great opportunities to work with and be a part of events with well known brands.

       Conversely, your biggest failure?

Biggest failure I would have to say would be not being more active with blog posts. It's sometimes very hard coming up with new content and I don't just want to write anything on my blog. I want it to be real, not something I just came up with so I have something to post.

Top three things you wish you knew when you first started

There's really nothing that I wish I knew before I started because I have enjoyed the whole learning process. Everything from starting a blog to learning how to keep it consistent. I think that if I would have known everything from the beginning, it would have taken alot of the experience out which I feel like have helped me grow.

Top three tools/apps/tech you can't live without

1. iPhone

2. Laptop

3. Garmin Forerunner 225 Watch

Who's your professional crush and why? 

There are so many professional crushes that I truly admire. I follow so many influential women on social media that encourage me to push harder each and everyday that it would be hard to narrow it down to one.

You've become really active in the Los Angeles running community, how has that impacted your journey?

It has impacted my journey because without running, there would be no journey. I used to be one of those people who HATED running until one day I decided to give it try because I wanted to lose weight. It was VERY tough at first, I wanted to give up, but I kept pushing and eventually grew an obsession for it. The Los Angeles running community is growing by the minute and it makes me really happy to be a part of such a supportive and friendly community. Without the help of some people I've met through the LA running community, I don't think I would be where I'm at now. 

Along the way you've linked up with brands such as Nike and Adidas so what advice would you give to aspiring fitness bloggers looking to connect with brands?

Honestly, just be yourself. MAJOR piece of advice, DON'T just do it for the "gram". Be about the fitness lifestyle, don't try to fake the funk being something you're not just to look one way. When you show your true colors, brands will notice and want to be a part of your journey. I never in my life would have thought that I would be a part of anything Adidas or Nike. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities I have gotten so far and continue to get.

dianakmir.com has had huge success recently, so what can we expect from you next? 

For now, I plan to continue sharing my fitness journey. I'm still in the learning/beginning process with my blog, but I would hope in the near future I can offer more giveaways to my supporters and be lucky enough to continue collaborating with more brands. 

Extra credit:  What's your source of motivation?

My source of motivation would have to be the difference I see 7 months have made. I am not only down 30lbs, but I also feel overall really happy with my life.

You can find more about Diana's adventures at www.dianakmir.com and on Instagram and Twitter at @dianakmir and on Snapchat at @ynrdee.

Are you motivated by Diana's fitness journey?  If so, share in the comments below!