Jennifer Nash Forrester

Meet Jennifer Forrester - Fitness Nutrition Specialist & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

If you've been following BEHIND the BRAND then you know how connected I am to Instagram and the fitness community. You may (or may not?!) remember how partner workouts were kind of a thing on Instagram. All of a sudden there were IG pages popping up with perfectly choreographed routines and they were all the rage. Well...Jennifer Forrester is an O.G. of the Instagram partner workout craze! She was half of the duo that made them super cool and has since stepped out on her own to create her own brand.

Jennifer is sharing her BEHIND the BRAND story of how she's transitioned from Instagram star to entrepreneur and how she manages it all with being a new mom!

Name & Role

Jennifer Nash Forrester

NASM (FNS) Fitness Nutrition Specialist

CHEK (HLC) Holistic Lifestyle Coach

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

I honestly believe I was called to work in this industry because I grew up surrounded by a wealth of information about health and fitness. My dad was really into bodybuilding and my mom taught an aerobics class throughout her pregnancy with me. My parents made me green smoothies when I was a tot and I played a number of sports as a kid. I excelled in track and field and went on to accept a college scholarship to the University of Washington as a sprinter.

After college I went into marketing. I remember that I hated sitting in front of a computer all day. I prayed for a door to open and a few months later I got laid off.  I viewed it as an opportunity to choose another career path that I was passionate about. I went on to get certified as a personal trainer and started training clients and teaching boot camps. I enjoyed helping people have fun during their workouts and watching them reach their goals.

In addition to being a trainer, you're a new mom! How has motherhood affected how you train your clients and the way you manage your own fitness?

Being a mom has definitely forced me to reprioritize my life. Over the past year I have shifted my business to online training. I now write workout programs and nutrition guides for my clients and check in with them for added accountability. Training my clients virtually has allowed me to spend more time with my son. Nowadays I make time for my workouts when my son is napping, just after he finishes eating, or when my husband is home.

What's a day in the life like for you?

Right now I'm in momma bear mode. My days are always different. They usually start with a green smoothie and end with a hot tea. Between breastfeeding and diaper changes I make time to handle my business.  

You initially gained notoriety on Instagram, how has that played into your overall "brand"?

Instagram has given me a platform to connect with people all over the world. My overall goal is to help people discover how to create their own unique healthy lifestyle. Over the past year my brand has started appealing more to pregnant women and new moms.  The content I share reflects the season of life I’m in and I hope that it continues to attract like-minded individuals that are inspired by my approach to health.

What's been your biggest success thus far? 

Of all the blessings I've received, nothing comes close to the day I gave birth to my baby boy. After I had my son I literally felt like I could do anything.

     Conversely, biggest failure?

One of the most important lessons I have had to learn is that the word leader does not mean you do everything. In the past I have made the mistake of trying to do too much at one time. It led me to become stressed out and overwhelmed. Knowing my strengths, and being aware of areas that I could use assistance, has been a big help. Effective delegation has become one of the keys to reaching my goals.

Top three things you wish you knew when your first started

1.     Trust your gut - your instincts are usually right.

2.     Create your own lane and think outside the box.

3.     You are enough - believe it and own it.

Top three tools/apps/tech you can't live without

1.     iPhone - I  don’t know what I’d do without it!

2.     Spotify - I need my playlists!

3.     HIIT timer app - This is a must-have for my workouts.

Since starting your journey, what's the biggest surprise or something you didn't expect? 

Being a mom is full of surprises and I’m embracing all of them. My son has become my world over the past 4 months and I find that everyday is a learning experience.

Who's your professional crush and why?

I really admire Jada Pinkett Smith on so many levels. I love her outlook on life, as well as her approach on being a wife, mother, and a businesswoman.

You've worked with big brands such as Shape Magazine and Sklz, so what's next for you?

Currently I’m developing a postpartum workout and nutrition program. I’m also looking forward to an upcoming project where I will get to work with a younger generation of athletes. I hope to give them a competitive edge by teaching them tips about fitness that I wish I would have known when I was their age. Stay tuned!  

Extra credit:  What's the best advice you've received thus far?

Life is a journey and all experiences, good and bad, make you the person that you are. 

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Instagram: @jenniferforrester

Facebook:  Jennifer Nash Forrester

Love to read how Jennifer has transitioned from Instagram star to online training and how she's been able to integrate new motherhood into her business as well!  

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