Michelle Carigma Modern Fit & #WCWoman

Meet Michelle Carigma - Blogger for Modern FIt and Founder of #WCWoman

When FITOutfit was first created there were a handful of ladies who I could consistently count on to bring absolute fire each and every Instagram post.  They were always ahead of the curve, setting trends and generally shutting it down.  They were, and still are a source of inspiration and Michelle is one of those ladies!  She never comes off as one of those people "trying" to be cool…she just is.

I was fortunate to meet Michelle over the summer and after having a fan girl moment (my sincerest apologies Michelle!)  I realized she's a genuinely nice person and even prettier in person - crazy, right?!!  She was very supportive of me taking FITOutfit beyond Instagram and creating a website with her newest endeavor Instagram page #WCWoman which has a different spin on the normal #WCW to highlight world changing women.   

This fitness and fashion style trendsetter is sharing her Behind the Brand story of how Modern Fit created unexpected opportunities and how #WCWoman is the start of a movement.

Name & Role

Michelle Carigma

Blogger for Modern Fit

Founder of #WCWoman

What inspired you to create Modern Fit and recently #WCWoman? 

I created a Tumblr account back in 2008 and called it Modern Edge.  When I got into fitness, I really wanted to combine my love for style and fitness together and that's how Modern Fit was born. 

I envisioned #WCWoman the summer of last year and felt so passionate about the movement.  I had no idea where to start, but knew the purpose was meaningful and it would guide me to a bright beginning.

I feel like we're all here for a purpose.  This is mine.  I want to leave a legacy where our future generations have a platform to look up to.  The beauty of it all is that it's not just my legacy I'm leaving, it's all the #WCWoman who manage to make a difference in people's lives. 

How have you been able to create #WCWoman and continue to grow Modern Fit while maintaining a full-time job?

I've grown accustomed to a busy lifestyle.  My day starts at 5am and ends around midnight, if I'm lucky.  I learned that if I really wanted to make my vision come to fruition, then I have to make the time for it. 

What's been your biggest success thus far?

I believe my biggest success thus far is reaching far beyond my expectations of where Modern Fit will go, still manage to stay grounded and humble and not let social media get the best of me.

    Conversely, biggest failure?

Managing my projects and time.  There were so many unbelievable opportunities that came all at one time and it was hard for me to manage and organize in a timely manner.

Top three things you wish you knew when you first started

1. You have to have thick skin because blogging is your personal opinion and not everyone will agree with it.

2. Stay true to yourself, and don't stray away from being organic..If you have a certain style, grow with it. 

3. Not everyone is looking out for your best interest.  Most of the time, they're out for themselves and that's perfectly understandable.

Top three tools/apps/technology you can't live without

1. iPhone 6s

2. Macbook Pro

3. Instagram

You've been able to connect with brands such as Nike, Finish Line and Reckless Girls, just to name a few - What advice would you give to female fitness bloggers/trainers looking to work with big brands?

I think that people really misconstrue how to reach out to brands.  It doesn't happen overnight. Modern Fit went through two years starting with no partnerships, collabos, etc. I blogged about fitness and style because that was my passion.  Connecting with brands was a surprising blessing.

It's always good to be a go-getter, but it's not my style to reach out to brands because I let my work speak for itself.  Brands know what they want and will reach out to you if they think that you would represent their brand well. 

Who's your professional crush & why?

Michelle Phan because she capitalized her social media fame to make herself a successful entrepreneur.

You launched #WCWoman this year and are still killing it with Modern Fit, so what's next for you? 

You'll just have to wait and see, but I promise you good things are coming ;)

Michelle's one of my fitness style fire bringers (yep, just made that up…) so who's yours?

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